We are a group of people summoned out of diversify who pursue the same intentions: to live and share an active consciousness among adults and children.

We contribute to education, preventative medicine, communication, economy and consciousness about the planet care. We consider harmony, respect and environmental and cultural conservation as a basis to create new ways of relating to each other.


We spread new ideas, practices and tools for the socio-cultural and economical development of the community within a frame of respect towards human rights.

We conceive, investigate, develop and promote new and already existing views, models and formats concerning EDUCATION and HEALTH. These views are alternative and complementary to the current public and private models.


We support any new ideas that the foundation considers relevant and useful to improve life qualities as regards health, culture, housing and use of environmental and sustainable technologies.


We accompany the process of creation or reinforcement of those groups or social organizations whose objectives are similar to ours.

We promote permaculture as a lifestyle and a tool for social change because we fully understand nature cycles of every living thing that surround us.

We suggest a collective creation physical space where to enjoy meeting each other, sharing and fostering personal freedom in a kind and respectful manner.

We believe that transformation comes from the inner impulse of each human being and thus It reflects the reality that each wants to live. 





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