In Arbolar Living Space Foundation, we amplified the experience of generating consciousness in every sphere because we based ourselves in the principles of permaculture and develop reconnection activities with our inner and outer nature. 

We hold a countryside area of 13 hectares, of which 5 are destined to a communal space and 7  are assigned to the construction of an eco village.

We want to live and project within nature by respecting its true patterns and respecting the proper flora and fauna biodiversity of the place.


A “permaculture designed habitat” as we see it, is a system in which human beings combine their own way of living to that of animals and plants in a respectful and beneficial way in order to renew natural resources and enrich local ecosystems.  Some of the theories applied to this design are integral concepts of the theory of the systems, bio-cybernetics and deep ecology. The attention is not only drawn to individual elements or components but to the relationship between these elements and their use for the creation of productive systems.

We support:

The conservation and reforestation of the native woods which belong to the local xerofile kind of forest as we want to save the original flora and fauna of the region.

The creation of a ”food forest combined with medicinal plants ” based on agroecologic production.


 All the rooms, halls and homes will be built by using natural materials (wood, mud, straw, etc) looking for the lesser environmental impact.

 Some of the spaces are: a children’s hall, a multi-usage hall for meetings and educational purposes, a healthy cooking room, a harmonization space, a natural products investigation and creation laboratory managed by doctors specialized in the matter, a music hall, a vibrational therapy space, hosting cottages and the village own homes.

 THE USE OF CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGIES: solar energy and eolic energy.